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comparing the CLM volumizing hair tool to the competition

the clm volumizer

Want hassle-free volume without having to use multiple tools? The CLM Volumizer has you covered. As a versatile product that works as a diffuser, brush, and styling device for various hair types, lengths, and textures, this volumizing hair tool is unlike anything currently available in the market. Perfect for beginners and professionals, the CLM Volumizer eliminates the need for additional diffuser attachments, other brushes/combs, and multiple irons. Come along as we compare the differences of the CLM Volumizer to other popular hair tools.


woman using the CLM Volumizer up close

clm volumizing hair tool vs. diffuser attachment

The CLM Volumizer can do everything that a diffuser attachment can and more. Similar to a diffuser, our product can easily diffuse hair, create lift/volume/texture, minimize hair damage, and style wet hair to dry. On the other hand, the CLM Volumizer can also brush/detangle/style hair, features an ergonomic design, is easy to clean/dishwasher safe, and is compact/travel friendly, unlike a bulky diffuser. The tool’s innovative vents direct the air from the blower to where users want it to go, while the patented finger shape design creates extra body and lift in the hair root. 


young woman using the clm volumizer in front of a mirror

clm volumizing hair tool vs. round hairbrush

The CLM Volumizer goes beyond what a typical round hairbrush can do. Similarities include creating straight/wavy/curly hair, styling hair from wet to dry, increasing lift/volume/texture, having an ergonomic design, and being easy to travel with. Unlike a round hairbrush, the CLM Volumizer can also diffuse/brush/detangle hair, minimize hair damage, and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. This tool specifically features wide spaces between the bristles to detangle hair without pulling. Made of durable polypropylene plastic, the CLM Volumizer can withstand daily exposure to heat and won’t break or crack easily. This means that it won’t need to be regularly replaced like other brushes do.


woman posing after using the clm volumizer on her new looking hair

clm volumizing hair tool vs. heat-styling irons

Paired with any brand of hair dryer, the CLM Volumizer can provide ample lift and volume while creating natural-looking curls, beach waves, or straighter locks like a heat-styling iron can. The good news is that the similarities stop there. Unlike a heat-styling iron, the CLM Volumizer can also diffuse/brush/detangle hair, style wet hair to dry, and minimize hair damage. It has an ergonomic design, can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and is easy to travel with. It’s a portable and compact product that will take up less suitcase space compared to bringing multiple styling tools. As a bonus, it’s also designed to cause much less damage to your hair than straightening or curling irons can. 

Look no further for a volumizing hair tool that can do it all. Try the CLM Volumizer for yourself and get flat to fab-ulous hair in minutes!