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our story

CLM Creations was founded by Cherie L. Monson, a passionate entrepreneur of innovative hair tools. Her journey began 15 years ago when she stopped getting permanent waves to start coloring her hair. After a few years of trying every hair tool available to recreate her previous wavy hair style, she finally discovered a volumizing diffuser attachment that could add volume to her thin, straight hair. She quickly discovered that she couldn’t recreate the look on vacation without bringing her heavy hair dryer and clunky diffuser with her. So she asked herself, “How can I replicate the results of a diffuser without the hassle?” After ten years of perfecting a travel-friendly volumizing diffuser hairbrush, she decided to apply for a patent. Her late father was always inventing things, so she knew that it was time to take the next step of innovation.

After a surprising breast cancer diagnosis back in 2020, Cherie decided that she wouldn’t be a victim. She wasn’t going to let cancer beat her. After going through radiation and fighting a depressed immune system, Cherie decided to start up CLM Creations and manufacture her patented hairbrush.

The radiation treatment caused her hair to thin and break off while detangling. Because of this, she discovered that her new hairbrush for hair loss could detangle and minimize further damage, while adding volume when she dried and styled her hair. Thus, the CLM Volumizer was born!

It does everything a diffuser attachment did for her and more. The finger shape design creates extra body and lift in the root of the hair, especially for those with thinning or pattern hair loss issues. It makes the hair look thicker, more natural, and voluminous. It’s less damaging, easier to travel with, and doesn’t tangle your hair while blow drying like other brushes do.

At CLM Creations, everything is made with integrity, kindness, and determination. We hope you enjoy our volumizing hairbrush as much as we do.