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what does diffusing your hair do? the top 3 benefits of this drying technique

If you’ve only used a traditional blow-dryer in the past to dry your wet hair, you’re missing out! Diffusing your hair with a tool such as the CLM Volumizer or a diffuser attachment in combination with a blow-dryer offers several benefits. It’s an ideal drying technique for women with any hair type, length, and texture, […]

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how to diffuse your hair in a few easy steps

Crave hair body and volume? Have flat locks with no lift? Want defined curls and waves? Diffusing your hair can be the solution you’re looking for. It’s a drying technique that diffuses airflow by spreading the air over a wider space. This means you can dry your hair more gently and without the hair moving […]

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comparing the CLM volumizing hair tool to the competition

Want hassle-free volume without having to use multiple tools? The CLM Volumizer has you covered. As a versatile product that works as a diffuser, brush, and styling device for various hair types, lengths, and textures, this volumizing hair tool is unlike anything currently available in the market. Perfect for beginners and professionals, the CLM Volumizer […]

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save suitcase space with the best travel hairbrush

Vacay season is rapidly approaching! If you’re going on an upcoming trip, packing up essential hair care products and tools is usually part of the routine. You may have a bulky diffuser attachment, multiple irons, and various brushes you use at home for styling and detangling, but it can be challenging to bring everything with […]

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the best vented hairbrush for big volume

Say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair and say hello to voluminous and lush locks with the new CLM Volumizer! This unique vented hairbrush was invented by our Founder, Cherie L. Monson, a breast cancer survivor who completed radiation treatment that caused her hair to thin and break off while detangling. Years ago, she had […]

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