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the best vented hairbrush for big volume

a woman smiling, using a blow dryer and the CLM Volumizer to do her hair

Say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair and say hello to voluminous and lush locks with the new CLM Volumizer! This unique vented hairbrush was invented by our Founder, Cherie L. Monson, a breast cancer survivor who completed radiation treatment that caused her hair to thin and break off while detangling. Years ago, she had searched high and low for a hair tool that was easy to travel with and could dry and style her hair with minimal damage and maximum volume. After only finding tools that didn’t check off all her boxes, Cherie knew it was time to create an entirely new solution. Little did she know that she was also creating a tool to help her get through future months of radiation and hair damage.

Why You Need the CLM Volumizer Vented Hairbrush

Based on a recent research study conducted by a third party, the CLM Volumizer had the highest overall satisfaction among its primary/current users, with a score of 4.57 out of 5, compared to those using competitor Wet Brush hairbrushes, Conair diffusers, and paddle brushes.

Do any of the following situations apply to you?

  • Have flat hair with minimal volume
  • Don’t want to damage or pull your hair while brushing & styling
  • Annoyed with bringing multiple hair tools while on vacation

We have the solution you’ve been looking for! The CLM Volumizer is a multifunctional hair tool that works as a diffuser, brush, and styling device for various hair types, lengths, and textures. It features a patented finger shape design that creates extra body and lift in the root of the hair, especially for those with thinning or pattern hair loss issues. It makes the hair look thicker, more natural, and voluminous.

The CLM Volumizer works for:

  • Straight, wavy & curly hair
  • Short, medium & long hair
  • Thin, thick & coarse hair

The CLM Volumizer can:

  • Amp up the lift and volume of your hair
  • Brush & detangle your hair
  • Create natural-looking curls, beach waves, or straighter locks
  • Work with any hair dryer brand
  • Withstand daily exposure to heat
  • Be top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Save you time, effort & money
  • Eliminate the need for multiple hair tools
  • Be easily taken with you while traveling

What are you waiting for? Try this innovative vented hairbrush for yourself and get flat to fab-ulous hair in minutes!

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